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It’s Monday, [March 11]! What are you reading?


Every Most Mondays, I send out a #booksaroundtheroom via Twitter, so my students can share what they’re reading with the world. “It’s Monday! What are you Reading?” is a meme co-hosted by Jen and Kellee at Teach Mentor Texts. Just like #booksaroundtheroom, it is a way to share books you’ve been reading, reviewing, and loving during the last week. I read a lot, both on my own and with my two kids, Corbchops (4.72) and The Iza (2.66). I’m excited to hear what you’ve been reading.

Mon Reading Button PB to YA

Sometimes reading gets away from me. Maybe because I had one less hour to squeeze reading into this weekend? My kids started swimming lessons last week. I considered reading while they swam, but it is too fun to watch them. However, since the Corbchops gets done with his lesson and has a half an hour until The Iza is done with hers, maybe we will bring along some picture books or The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Actually, on the night of their first lesson this week, I have another meeting. But it is book related! We are trying to get a middle grade/kid version of our Whatcom READS! program going. Exciting to be a part of a project with such great potential!

Bonus fact: The author for this year’s Whatcom READS!, David Guterson, was my Little League baseball coach for one year.

Last week I had no library holds to pick up! It was strange. I fixed that problem. Today, I am picking up a huge stack, including Extreme Babymouse!

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed during the last week:

Middle Grade:

I finished two middle grade novels/chapter books last week.

  • Unlucky Charms, by Adam Rex. Every time I look at something by Adam Rex, I am blown away. Talent overload with that guy. His Cold Cereal trilogy is a complex, creative, hilarious middle grade epic.
  • Ivy and Bean, by Annie Barrows. This super-chapter book/mini-novel was fun. I think The Iza will love them when she’s older.

Picture Books:

Clarification: I read tons of picture books with my kids, and often read more at school, but I only list books new to my Goodreads ‘Read’ shelf. I’m glad I got that out there. It makes me better when I have low weeks. I read 6 picture books last week. My favorite three were:

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, by Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett. So clever.
  • Hippopposites, by Janik Coat. My favorite page of this board book was when it showed the hippo from the side.
  • Angelina Ballerina, by Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig. The Iza loves the Angelina Ballerina TV show. It was fun to have the book from the library this week.


On the TMCE Guys Read blog, I reviewed Navigating Early, by Clare Vanderpool.


Right now When I finish this blog post, I’m reading:

Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace, by Nan Marino.


What are you reading?



  1. Sarah says:

    I love Hippopposites! It’s too rare to see a concept book with a sense of humor like that. We have the same favorite page, too!

    Unlucky Charms has been sitting on my TBR pile for far too long.

  2. Lorna says:

    My youngest at 8 still LOVES to thumb through her beloved Angelina books! And Babymouse Extreme is sitting in my library bag, too! Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace is sure an intriguing title . . . will have to hear your review on it.

  3. Fun! Adam Rex’s trilogy sounds like a fun ride. 🙂

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