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It’s Monday, [March 18]! What are you reading?


Every Most Mondays, I send out a #booksaroundtheroom via Twitter, so my students can share what they’re reading with the world. “It’s Monday! What are you Reading?” is a meme co-hosted by Jen and Kellee at Teach Mentor Texts. Just like #booksaroundtheroom, it is a way to share books you’ve been reading, reviewing, and loving during the last week. I read a lot, both on my own and with my two kids, Corbchops (4.74) and The Iza (2.68). I’m excited to hear what you’ve been reading.

Mon Reading Button PB to YA

Two really exciting meetings last week, along with swim lessons, a Sounders game, and report cards, kept me from reading much last week. But the meetings were reading related! The first was a brainstorming meeting for the idea of a countywide middle grade read. We have some great ideas. The second meeting was my first as a member of the advisory board of the WWU Children’s Literature Conference. I was so honored to be invited to join this group. It was a lot of fun. You wouldn’t believe the author and illustrator names we were dropping!

I really feel like I am making a positive impact on readers in my community, and it feels…pretty darn good. Even if I have less time to read.

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed during the last week:

Middle Grade:

I finished just one middle grade novel last week.

Graphic Novels:

I finished one graphic novel last week.

  • Extreme Babymouse, by Jennifer and Matt Holm. I will never not like a Babymouse book.

Picture Books:

I read 9 picture books last week. My favorite three were:

  • Learning to Swim in Swaziland, by Nila Leigh. This memoir was written by a fourth grader. It is pretty great. We used it during a writing lesson on using a natural voice.
  • The Beetle Book, by Steve Jenkins. The Corbchops and I loved the intricate illustrations in this nonfiction picture book.
  • The Hueys in the New Sweater, by Oliver Jeffers. Funny. A little predictable.


On the TMCE Guys Read blog, I reviewed Courage Has No Color, by Tanya Lee Stone.


Right now When I finish this blog post, I’m reading:

Hide and Seek, by Kate Messner.


What are you reading?



  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never met a Babymouse I didn’t like 🙂
    My son is reading Capture the Flag right now, and he’s excited that I have a copy of Hide and Seek waiting for him when he finishes.

  2. Added Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace to my TBR List. I’m reading Hide and Seek right now also. Love anything Kate Messner writes!

    Happy Reading!

  3. Lorna says:

    I agree, it’d be hard not to like a Babymouse. I must confess, though, I’m not as drawn to the Squish books. It can’t be just the pink. My favorite is a tie–Cupcake Tycoon and Babymouse The Musical.

    And to deviate from books, where you at the game? We just watched the tv, stunned. Sigh. Scarves up for Saturday, though!

    • My favorite thing about Squish is when it gets all science-y. It’s not Babymouse, but it’s solid.

      We sit in the southeast corner, Section 214. I might have said some bad words when the Timbers scored. But really, the Sounders let them back into the game. Even the Timbers can score if given enough time. It was frustrating.

      Our next game is the Champions League one. We usually can’t go to them, but it’s during spring break. Huzzah!

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