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It’s Monday, [April 15]! What are you reading?


Every Most Mondays, I send out a #booksaroundtheroom via Twitter, so my students can share what they’re reading with the world. “It’s Monday! What are you Reading?” is a meme co-hosted by Jen and Kellee at Teach Mentor Texts. Just like #booksaroundtheroom, it is a way to share books you’ve been reading, reviewing, and loving during the last week. I read a lot, both on my own and with my two kids, Corbchops (4.82) and The Iza (2.75). I’m excited to hear what you’ve been reading.

Mon Reading Button PB to YA

Busy weeks are…tiring. I didn’t do quite as much reading last week. Mostly short books. The Wife had late meetings two days (she has three this week!), and it is slightly exhausting working the 4-8pm slot alone. After I put the kids to bed, I just felt like laying on the couch with the laptop.

But, of course, I read a bit.

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed during the last week:

Middle Grade:

I finished one middle grade novel, one “variety” book, and one informational book last week.

  • The Color of Bones, by Tracy Edward Wymer. Tracy sent me a copy of his book. I’m glad he did! It was sort of science fictiony without any science. It reminded me a little bit of The Giver, though it isn’t that similar to it.
  • Killer Koalas from Outer Space, by Andy Griffiths. So bad, it’s good. This seems like a book that would annoy some parents and teachers, but that kids will love.
  • King George: What Was His Problem?, by Steve Sheinkin. I plan to read this aloud while studying the American Revolution during Social Studies. We’ll compare and contrast this, the textbook, and some short videos.

Graphic Novels:

I finished one graphic novel last week. I love graphic novels!

  • The Adventures of Polo, by Regis Faller. This short, wordless graphic novel was fun. The Corbchops “read” it to The Iza and me.

Picture Books:

I read 12 picture books last week. My favorite three were:

  • Chalk, by Bill Thomson. Fun and clever wordless picture book.
  • Zoom, by Istvan Banyai. Fun and clever wordless picture book. :^)
  • Lost and Found, by Shaun Tan and John Marsden. This was really a collection of three picture books. Shaun Tan is quite the artist.


I read one book of poetry this week.

  • Mirror Mirror, by Marilyn Singer. These reverso poems blew my mind. They seem so difficult to write!


On the TMCE Guys Read blog, I didn’t review anything this week.


Right now When I finish this blog post, I’m reading:

Rebel McKenzie, by Candice Ransom


Energize Research Reading and Writing, by Christopher Lehman


What are you reading?



  1. How is the Energize book? I am so looking forward to reading it as I truly enjoyed Chris’s presentation at NCTE.

    Happy reading this week 🙂

    • I’m really enjoying it. My district has been very…spare…in its Writing instruction and curriculum. Chris’s book is really helping me focus, improve, and increase the rigor of my teaching of expository writing. We’re just kind of going for it in my class. I’m trying to stay a chapter ahead of what we’re trying out, but I’m getting behind!

  2. I love Shaun Tan’s work, so brilliant! Lots of great books that you are reading.

    The Monster Report

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