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The View from Two Days Ago, Which Was Saturday #14


Well, that one slipped away from me. Just some quick reflections here.

Though many in my class are still infuriatingly inattentive and jabbery, I saw signs that students are learning and growing. In Writing Workshop, we’ve started our unit on opinion. I kicked things off with a little pep talk about work. That workshop depends on them listening, thinking, sharing, and trying things out. When I give them a strategy and say, “Today, try this in your writing,” then I mean actually try it in your writing. Some of them are starting to get it.

I really liked the prediction work we did in Reading Workshop last week. One, it allowed me to expand our paltry 10 minute read aloud slot into our Reading minilesson. And two, students seemed pretty engaged with envisioning and jotting predictions at different points. Most students, at least. There are a few I need to talk to…

This week is disrupted and disjointed, with a tour of our new school, a holiday concert, and assorted other distractions. I’m looking forward to a longer reflection time during my sixteen days away from fourth graders.

I’m glad you’re with me.

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